Aside from its action-packed storylines and consistent plot twists, GoT catches the eye through its gorgeous costumes. Whoever designs the dresses for GoT must have so much fun putting these flowing and colorful dresses on the big screen.

I’ll just leave these links, for those who do not follow GoT, to see the beautiful costumes of ladies Margaery, Dany, Myrcella, Sansa, and more.


Questions to Readers (please post your response in the Comments!):

  • If you watch GoT, who is your favorite GoT fashion icon and your favorite outfit that they wear?



Hello World!

Hello World! It has been four years since my last post, and much of life has since passed by. It is wonderful to see the DIY projects I did in the past, and it has been a while since I have completed a new one. Seeing these old posts have re-energized my creative mind and given me cravings to post and complete a new project. While I ponder new activities to take up next, I would love to share new inspirations that I have recently come across.

Fashion Icon – Lisa Bonet

I have discovered the wonderful, Bohemian fashion sense of Lisa Bonet. I came across her through my binge of Game of Thrones, where her husband Jason Momoa plays the loving Khal Drogo. (Note picture from such a heart-tugging moment in the series).


But coming back now to the focal point of this post, I think that Lisa Bonet rocks all of her boho-vintage looks, which are enhanced by her wild hair. Her look just go to show how much the hair impacts the full ensemble.

lisa-bonet-zoe-braids-w540  Lisa+Bonet+Lisa+Bonet+Makes+Trip+Drug+Store+vUXMouVVrKpl  beauty-crush-wednesday-lisa-bonet-1  lisa20bonet20sitting20reuters  pinterest_faviconSee more at Pinterest!

On a similar fashion note, has taken the Internet fashion retail world by storm. Founder Sophia Amoruso, author of published novel #GirlBoss, details how she started her career by scouring thrift stores and selling cool, vintage finds on eBay, hardly the multi-million dollar business she runs today. Not only does her online retail store offer fresh fashion finds (namely for the chicks who want to rock some badass looks), but her #GirlBoss site offers podcasts of interviews with other “Girlbosses” in the world, and her foundation provides grants to women in fashion and the arts. These are amazing endeavors, and truly inspirational, as I aim to run some type of non-profit work on the side in the future.

NastyGal Fashion Obsessions

Aside from being obsessed with everything on, I find these acessories particularly striking– strappy thigh-highs and leather harnesses:













Questions to Readers (feel free to post responses in the Comments below, as I would love to hear from you!):

  1. What are your current fashion obsessions?
  2. What fashion icons inspire you?
  3. Are there any DIY projects you would like to suggest for me to do a posting on?

Apologies if I don’t create a post anytime soon (like within the next few weeks). I am getting started on school again and need to put a lot of time and energy into those activities. Ciao!

❤ Vivace

My Creations: Dress #1

So I just finished making this. I used a Forever 21 dress that I love because of the fit and casual style to serve as a base pattern. I used a crinkle fabric, which has a mild stretch in it and also spontaneously added the sleeve ruffle. I wish I added pockets in the skirt area though. I might model pics later haha. We’ll see.

DIY Rose Boutonniere

I made this boutonniere for a date I took to formal. This beautiful piece was simple to make and more affordable than the $10 boutonnieres sold at floral shops.

My inspiration came from this:


  • A single rose bouquet (comes with one rose and a few bunches of baby’s breath and ornamental leaves) — see example image below, I bought one for $2.99 at my local supermarket
  • single rose bouquet
  • Ribbon (to tie the base of the stems)
  • Two needles to attach the boutonniere to your date’s clothes (you can buy a pack at Jo-Ann’s)


  1. Place the rose bud against an ornamental leaf stem, using the side of the rose that you think looks best.
  2. Take a few bunches of baby’s breath and arrange them in front of the rose however you think looks best.
  3. Use the ribbon to tightly wrap all three items (the rose bud, the ornamental leaf stem, and the baby’s breath bunches) together from the base to one inch down the stems. Tie the ribbon, making sure that it won’t come apart.
  4. Cut the exposed stems below the ribbon (but not too close or the ribbon will come off and unravel).

And voila, you’re done!

Feel free to share pictures or leave a comment.

❤ Vivace

Winterwear Fashion

These are some images I found from runway shows a while back. I am very into the black and red staple winter colors. I am hoping to attain a winter wardrobe consisting of these staples featured above! Red boots would be so cool! And I LOVE the entirety of the third outfit!


These are a great selection of really cute and current-fashion dresses! I might use these ideas to create a dress sometime 🙂