DIY Custom Tees

This craft idea was discussed previously in my blog article: DIY Christmas Gifts with VS Pink Inspiration.

Finished product: 



      • Stencil (I printed the design on computer paper and then cut out the design
      • Fabric paint (I got a purple glitter one for the front, and a white spray one for the back– these can be bought at Jo-Ann’s)
      • Paintbrushes, newspapers, scissors, tape
      • Piece of thick cardboard or something of the like to put inside the shirt (so the paint from the front of the shirt doesn’t bleed into the black of the shirt fabric)
      • Optional: Iron-on appliques

Purple glitter paint and white spray paint

My cut-out stencil design


  1. Print and cut out the design on computer paper.
  2. Make sure your clothes are washed and dried to prevent further shrinking. Place the thick cardboard inside the T-shirt.
  3. Tape down the design over the T-shirt and make sure no edges are sticking up. This may require a lot of tape. A sticker-like paper would be really perfect, if you have it.
  4. Take a brush and open the fabric paint you want to use. Stipple the paint onto the design. Make sure you don’t leave any unpainted spots.
  5. When you’re done, take the paper design off and let it dry for several hours, or use a blow dryer to accelerate its drying period. If you mess with it before it’s completely done drying, you run the risk of ruining this somewhat pricey gift!
  6. After the front completely dries, you can turn the shirt over to do the same thing for the back. I used a spray fabric paint for this. It was a little harder to control, but the paint layer was more even and thinner. If you use spray paint, make sure you cover the entire T-shirt except for the area you want to paint. I ended up getting some splatter on parts of the shirt that I didn’t want to get paint on. 😦
  7. Once you spray the back, take the design off and let dry.
  8. Finally, if you want to add an applique, set it in the desired position and iron it on for however long it takes the applique glue to set. I would also do a stitch around the entire edge of the applique (using a thread color that matches the applique) to ensure that the applique won’t fall off after a wash.
And Voila, you’re done! If you have any questions, leave a comment below! I would love to see your ideas and designs also 🙂
❤ Vivace

Sewing List #1

Clothes that I would like to make- LIST #1

PHOTOS SOURCE: Ann Taylor and unknown

Taking Risks: Fashion

These artistic fashion images inspire me to not be afraid of mixing fabrics with many different patterns and colors–because if you do it just right, the result could be beautiful.


Picture Frame Gifts DIY


These cute frames are very affordable, yet the finished product can be very creative and personal. It does take time, patience and effort to make these gifts dazzling.


  • $1 wooden frames from Michaels (come with a stand up rod)
  • Wooden letters (I bought a tub full of wooden letters)
  • Developed pictures that you want to put in the frame (CVS has a deal where you can order 25 prints online for free with every sign-up…)
  • White base paint (for frame and the letters)
  • Other paints, glitter, rhinestones, nail polish, etc.
  • Hot glue gun + hot glue sticks, Elmers glue
  • Paint brushes
  • Newspapers


  1. Set up a work area covered with newspapers
  2. Base paint the frame and letters
  3. Paint the frame with whatever design you like. For the first example one I did, I used a swirly design that matched my gift recipient’s dress design from the picture. I then hot glued rhinestones after the frame finished drying. For the second one, I painted Elmer’s glue across the entire frame. Then, I poured neon orange nail polish in strategic areas to create the look of the frame’s design.
  4. Once the paint on the letters have dried, hot glue the letters onto the frame (you can paint the letters a different color if you like). I especially like the arrangement of the letters that I used on my frames, given how many letters I had to use, the kind of phrases (since it was a name and position title), and amount of space I had to work with.
  5. Once everything has dried, place photo inside frame. Tape frame stand to back of frame so it doesn’t go missing!

Voila! Please feel free to share your work here. I hope this posting inspires you 🙂

❤ Vivace


Elie Saab

Who loves Elie Saab? *Hand raise* I do! I do!!

I magically stumbled across his designs online and feel in love with his whimsical dresses with beautiful flowing fabrics and soft or bold colors. They are just divine.


I wanted to make Christmas presents for my friends by buying plain T-shirts and then screen printing (or fabric painting) a cute quote on the front and a name and number of the back, similar to a casual jersey. It is an awesome way to really personalize a gift and also have fun with it. These were some cute quotes I found online.

I also looked at for inspiration, since they have a lot of clothing targeted toward young females.

I especially love the color combination of the outfit below.

In the end, I decided to buy plain black VS Pink V-neck Tees to use as my DIY gifts. I used the color combination inspired by the image above. More pictures of those gifts coming soon!

PHOTOS SOURCE: VS Pink and unknown

Sorority paddle

This is very cute and such great inspiration for when I get a little. You can see all the thought put into this gift (everything matches!– from the cupcakes, to the gift bag, to the ribbon colors on the cup, and even the string of pearls with the pearls on the paddle). I am sure pink and green are staple colors of that sorority– great ideas for my future presents. Unfortunately, I don’t know where I got this picture from, so I am sorry to say that I can’t link it to anywhere :(.